I am a Lecturer with the Department of Business Information System at NUI Galway and a Research Fellow with Lero – the Irish Software Research Centre.  I enjoy working on industry-led projects, collaborating with our exciting industry and academic partners.

In many cases, these collaborative relationships lead to funding and publishing opportunities. I also worked with the Applied Research for Connected Health (ARCH) Technology Centre, University of Limerick. I was the Data lead within ARCH  and largely involved in supporting organisations to achieve their desired business goals. Creative, open-minded, and energetic, I consider every problem to be solvable in order to unlock and co-create new business value. I adopt multiple approaches to successfully deliver inARCH, Lero, Noel Carrollnovative projects to develop novel solutions. With excellent analytical capabilities, I provide a vital combination of strong business acumen and technical knowledge to support innovation management and organisational strategy. I also collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of researchers on various subject matters and technology solutions to deliver strategic advanced reseaProcessrch projects for industry partners from design to execution. As a research lead, I manage the entire lifecycle of a research project – collaborating with experts for business/clinical understanding, supporting business value potential identification, leading solutions and working with technology teams for prototyping and client pilot implementations. I also lead technology-related internal and external publications along with publications in leading journals, presenting at national/international conferences and arranging research dissemination events. Above all – I enjoy supporting companies through research-led innovation solutions and guiding companies to realise their potential, building better communities and supporting digital industries.

My background largely focuses on the socio-technical aspects of software innovation, process modelling/improvement and value networks. This provides a complementary skill-set in Connected Health which examines how technology can extend healthcare service delivery and improve the ‘connectedness’ of healthcare stakeholders through health informatics.

As part of my role, I collaborate with various companies to identify opportunities in developing nHealth Innovationew innovations and/or align technologies with emerging markets. I also enjoy exploring new techniques to assess and visualise the impact of technology on service networks and seeking novel methods to effectively communicate service analytics (e.g. data analytics). There are some exciting opportunities to apply data mining techniques using various healthcare technologies.

I previously worked as a Research Associate and lectured at the College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences, National University of Ireland, Dr. Noel Carroll Graduation 2012Galway. I also taught in the field of Knowledge Management and Information Systems at the University of Limerick both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. I took up a role as a postdoctoral researcher at Dublin City University within the Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce (IC4). I spent some time as a researcher in University of Technology Delft (TUD), Netherlands working in the field of Serious Gaming to support business strategists.

I hold a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Limerick which focuses on Service Science. My research career has enabled me to work on industry-based research has been with many indigenous Irish companies and multi-national organisations. During my PhD, I also worked on the European Network of Excellence project ‘S-Cube’ – Software Services and Systems (FP7 project). Noel has numerous publications in refereed journals, conferences, book chapters and reports. He also holds a Specialist Diploma in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship, a Masters (research) in Business and a Degree in Information Systems Management.


My research is currently focused on supporting organisations improve software flow (productivity and performance) with emphasis on flow metrics and business value. Please check out our current research and feel free to contact me for any additional information or to collaborate on research developments.

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