Summary of Teaching, Supervision, Examiner Roles

National University of Ireland, Galway:

Undergraduate Courses:

Business Information Systems

  • MS4101 Implementing Digital Innovation
  • MS330.3 Information and Operations Management (online)
  • MS319: Enterprise Systems
  • MS8102 Business Intelligence and Analytics

Postgraduate Courses:

MSc in Business Analytics

  • MS5114 Advanced Programming for Business Analytics
  • MS810 Information Security and Ethics
  • MS5104 Decision Theory & Analysis

Masters Projects Supervision:

MSc Business Analytics

MS5103: Business Analytics Project (Group Project)

  • Amresh Mishra
  • Varalakshmi, Nirumal Ganesaun
  • Amey Joshi
  • Suriya Manisehar
  • Vipin Nautiyal
  • Abhijit Patil
  • Shefali Puhan
  • Akash Ramisetty Srinivasulu

MSc Information Systems Management (2017-18)

  • Boluwatife Adeagbo
  • Ronan Coakley
  • Lubdha Dahale
  • Sanjotha Setru
  • Deepak Vijay Narendra
  • Paul Rohan
  • Shreyas Lokanath
  • Vijeth Gopala Reddy
  • Rakshith BK
  • Rounak Tatpal

Masters in Medical Science (Health Informatics)

  • Database Development and Medical Informatics

Guest Lectures on Informations System

Noel Carroll University of Limerick

University of Limerick (2009-2014):

Undergraduate Courses:

  • MI4001/MI4007: Business Information Management (1st years)
  • MI4305: Decision Support Systems (3rd years)
  • MI4407: Social & Economic Perspectives of Information Management (4th years)
  • CS4818: Professional Issues (Ethics) in Software Engineering (3rd years)
  • MI4408: Knowledge Management and Strategy (4th years)
  • CS4001: Computer Applications for Scientists (1st years)

Postgraduate Courses:

  • IM6102: Knowledge Management (Masters students)

Guest Lectures on Software System and Health Informatics

University of Limerick (2015-Present):

PhD Supervision

  • Yahya Albalawi (Lero, UL): Social Media Analytics and Population Healthcare
  • Raja Abbas (Lero, UL): Connected Health and Software Engineering

External Examiner: Shannon College of Hotel Management

  • Year 1: Information Systems
  • Year 3: Information Technology for Business
  • Year 3: Revenue Management
  • Year 4: Hotel Management Information Systems